Marvelous Murals | Aryz & David Choe Team Up To Put It In A Mural


Murals are another way for artists to display their vision. After inking a pretty dope mural in San Francisco, Aryz set his sights on a new urban canvas. Barcelona street artist Aryz continues to make his rounds and create a new mural on the streets of Los Angeles. This time he teamed up with David Choe to make it happen.

The collaboration is the perfect blend of two artists who have very distinct styles. The mural is the perfect combination for a display for two very distinct talents. The colors are bright and the patterns are on point. The contrast comes when the two get close and start to come together in the middle. The artist’s observe the true meaning of mural and take up all of the  space. Their work stands out as individual space but still meshes perfectly well. The mural is located in the downtown Los Angeles area on Matteo. Check out Choe & Aryz  creative process in the gallery below.



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