“Claim The Night” Pack by NIKE Tennis


Nike Tennis has just released their limited edition “Claim the Night” Pack for the ongoing U.S. Open in New York City, a collection of footwear and jackets to help their athletes shine regardless of the time of day. The effect is achieved using Nike‘s Vapor Flash fabric, which combines a laminated surface layer  with tiny glass beads to create a glow that illuminates with the same power as a 400-candlepower light. In addition to the jackets – available in black and white, both with a tailored look and laser-perforations on the back for extra sweat management – Nike also offers a range of footwear with the same effect, including the Nike Zoom Vapor 9 Tour, the Nike Air Max Courtballistec 4.3, and the Air Max Cage. While the footwear can be found via the Nike Tennis online store, only those in New York City can pick-up the jackets in-store at NYC’s NikeTown New York, 21 Mercer, Masons Tennis, and the Nike Store at the USTA Tennis Center.

nike-tennis-claim-the-night-pack-2-570x406 nike-tennis-claim-the-night-pack-3-570x406 nike-tennis-claim-the-night-pack-5-570x406 nike-tennis-claim-the-night-pack-6-570x406 nike-tennis-claim-the-night-pack-9-570x406


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